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May 30, 2014

RE: Harper excludes abortion from maternal health plan, The Globe and Mail, May 30

To the editor of The Globe and Mail,

Some are critical of the Federal government’s decision to exclude funding for abortion services in its maternal, newborn and child health initiative. However, the decision respects the lack of consensus and differing strongly held views among Canadians on abortion.  All Canadians, regardless of their views on abortion, can affirm the priorities the government has focused on  - combatting disease, improving nutrition and bettering health services - and support what the government and non-governmental agencies are doing in advancing these priorities.

Bruce J. Clemenger
President, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Outgoing Letters


EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger writes regular commentaries about public policy issues. The EFC magazine Faith Today often publishes articles and essays that examine such issues.

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