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Parents have primary responsibility for nurturing and educating children. The Bible tells us that we are responsible to teach our children about what God has done. 

The Issue

The classroom is an important place for children to learn about the nature of the world and their role in it. All education is based on an understanding of the world and what is ultimately important; in other words, all education is based on faith beliefs of one kind or another. A secular worldview, which restricts religion to private life, has become the prevailing framework of many public school systems. Some parents choose to homeschool or send their children to religiously based schools in order to have their children educated within a framework consistent with their religious beliefs.

Issue: Education

Current Status
What You Can Do

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Ontario's 2015 revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Loyola High School v. Attorney General of Quebec (Quebec ERC Curriculum)

S.L. v. Commission scolaire des Chênes (Quebec ERC Curriculum)

Bill 18, Manitoba's Anti-Bullying Legislation

Bill 13 and Anti-Bullying Initiatives in Ontario

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