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Contact us at affiliate@evangelicalfellowship.ca or call 1-866-302-3362 ext. 247

The EFC's Objects and Statement of Faith

Prospective EFC Affiliates must provide signed agreement with the EFC's Objects and Statement of Faith, as follows:


For further clarification, the desire to join The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the applicant’s “agreement with the objects and statement of faith of the EFC” (By Law 3.0.2) in the context of affiliation is generally understood to mean that affiliates and their leaders:

  • in their reputation and activities, are received well by other affiliates;
  • engage with one another with honesty and in a manner consistent with the biblical understanding of fellowship;
  • understand the diversity among evangelicals and are willing to participate in collaborative initiatives; are supportive of the public witness of the EFC; and,
  • they or their leadership’s activities do not detract from or otherwise undermine the ability of the EFC and its affiliates to fulfill the objects, mission, vision and ends of the EFC. 

An affiliate or its leadership that engages in activity that is divisive among the EFC constituency or that brings the evangelical community into disrepute publicly or otherwise evidences that it is no longer in agreement with the requirements for affiliation with the EFC will have their affiliation with the EFC reviewed and their status may be suspended or terminated.

Statement of Faith

Available here.

Application Forms

Pick the one appropriate to your category. If you represent a congregation, you may want to peruse our congregational brochure as well. If you prefer the forms are now available in French as well.

Payment Options

  • Fill in the form and mail it with your payment to:
    The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
    Box 5885 West Beaver Creek Post Office, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0B8
  • Fill in the form and fax it with your credit card information to:


Contact us at affiliate@evangelicalfellowship.ca or call 1-866-302-3362 x. 247.

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