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Outgoing Letters and Public Statements

October 26, 2015

Hon. Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister-Designate
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Prime Minister-Designate Trudeau,

On behalf of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, I wish to congratulate you on your election victory and on becoming the Prime Minister of Canada.

As a Christian community, we believe that government is a gift from God that bears authority as a minister of God for our good. Be assured of our prayers for you as you give leadership to our country, and for your family amidst the demands of time and expectations. For families too are a gift from God.

You ran a positive campaign about hope and promise; about how our diversity makes us stronger when we bring together people of different perspectives to find common ground: to build a respectful and generous country that affirms neighborliness and compassion for others.

We affirm these aspirations, and believe that a deep respect for freedom of religion and conscience, the integrity of communities of faith, and a commitment to work with people of diverse faiths for the public good are all essential components of a free and open society - a just society.

You have committed Canada to being a welcoming home for refugees, particularly those from Syria. Last spring, 14 evangelical denominational leaders (representing some 4,000 local churches) committed to recruiting congregations to resettle refugees and provide a welcoming and caring community for Muslims, Christians, and those from other faith communities. We stand with you in our common desire for Canada to be a place of welcome and peace for those fleeing conflict.

We are concerned with the many children and youth in Canada currently in government care who go to bed each night without a ‘forever’ home. There is much the federal government can do to increase awareness and develop national strategies just as we, along with others, are mobilizing families to adopt and foster.

Read more about key issues facing Canada in our 2015 EFC Election Kit at

We share your concern to help those who are struggling in poverty. Along with the many evangelical organizations that daily serve people living in poverty, we have advocated for a national strategy, appropriate government supports for affordable housing, and addressing the systemic issues that trap people in poverty.

We are concerned for those who are trafficked, for those who feel compelled to sell their bodies to survive, and for those caught in the industry of pornography that degrades and dehumanizes us all.

Our compassion is animated by a commitment to the sanctity of human life, and a deep compassion for vulnerable people. We disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision to decriminalize assisted suicide, and believe the proper response is to care for those who are walking in the shadow of death. Governments in Canada have a role to play in ensuring an increase in access to good quality palliative care helping families meet the demands of caring for their loved ones, just as every citizen needs to engage more with those who are sick and near death in homes, hospices and palliative care wards.

There are many other issues that require your attention, including responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the relationship between Canada and Indigenous Peoples, as well as our stewardship of the environment.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, to tell you more about a significant segment of the Canadian population active in communities across Canada and to explore ways in which the evangelical community, alongside other faith communities, can work with you for the sake of all Canadians.

May God give you wisdom as you give leadership to our country.


Bruce J. Clemenger
President, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Outgoing Letters


EFC President Bruce J. Clemenger writes regular commentaries about public policy issues. The EFC magazine Faith Today often publishes articles and essays that examine such issues.

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