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Faith Today + Love Is Moving

Faith Today now comes with a free sister magazine for youth and young adults called Love Is Moving. Find us at www.faithtoday.ca and www.faithtoday.ca/LIM.

Both are national Christian magazines published six times per year by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Faith Today was founded in 1983, and LIM in 2014.

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Featured Resources

Free EFC Webinar Videos
The EFC has been holding regular webinars since 2015. Watch or listen to them anytime at TheEFC.ca/WebinarArchive. Topics include: Understanding and supporting chronic illness; Youth and church; Pornography; Assisted suicide; Clergy wellness; Helping refugees; Changing church and more.

Community Research Guide for Church Leaders
Learn about your neighbours in order to love them better with this easy-to-read EFC resource of expert advice. It's practical, accessible, adaptable to your needs and includes links to a host of resources to get you started. Available in print, CD-ROM and downloadable PDF formats.

EFC Speakers Bureau
Looking for a speaker for your event or church service? [MORE]

Catholics Release "Our Evangelical Neighbours"
The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops recently published Our Evangelical Neighbours – A Catholic Reflection on Evangelical Christianity. The resource provides Catholics in Canada an introduction to Evangelical Christianity by exploring its origins, similarities and differences to Catholicism. The resource was developed in collaboration with the EFC. Aussi disponible en français.

Top EFC Seminars for Christian Leaders Now on Video
Two years of the EFC's "Christian Leaders Connection" seminars for ministry and business leaders are available on DVD. These seminars, presented in a handful of venues across the country, feature EFC staff including President Bruce J. Clemenger. The set from 2008 is Shifts: Changing Gears to Advance Issues Facing the Church in Canada Today, and the set from 2009-2010, Being Evangelical in a Complex World. Each set is thought-provoking and practical, and costs only $10 including shipping. [MORE]

Church & Faith Trends: Free Online Research
An online periodical from the EFC's Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism. It includes articles, book reviews, and new research aimed at improving the accuracy of public and scholarly representations of Evangelicals in Canada and at providing evangelical ministry leaders with information that will enhance the effectiveness of their work. [MORE]

Suicide Prevention DVD
Through the Pain: Helping a Suicidal Person is a training DVD. It offers tools and information for all audiences including youth. It was produced in 2008-2009 with expertise from the EFC's Aboriginal Ministries Council. The video is helpful to people of all cultural backgrounds. [MORE]

In the Shadow of Death
A Christian perspective on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Downloadable booklet from the EFC, dated 2006. [MORE]

God's Earthkeepers: Biblical Action and Reflection on the Environment
This discussion of environmental issues, drawing on Christian perspectives of God's creation, was produced by the EFC's former Social Action Commission and William Van Geest. It includes study sections appropriate for personal or group purposes. A free download. Maintenant, aussi disponible en francais. [MORE]

Planning a Mission Trip?
A network of experts facilitated by the EFC have recently revised their free resource, The Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission. Have a look at this helpful checklist! [MORE]

Developing Church Policies for Marriages: A Handbook
Does your church have a policy in place about how to handle marriage requests from unmarried couples? homosexual couples? Avoid discrimination by planning ahead. A handbook from the EFC. [MORE]

Being a Faithful Christian, Being a Good Citizen
A free downloadable booklet from the EFC, dated 2006. Addresses Christian citizenship from a biblical perspective and suggests ways Christians can get involved in public life. [MORE]

Guide to Best Practice in Church-to-Church Partnerships
This guide was developed by the EFC Global Mission Roundtable, working with leaders across Canada, to address the relatively new phenomenon of churches wanting to connect and to partner directly with other churches around the world. [MORE] 

Misplaced: Thoughts by Young Adults on Church
A 15-minute film portraying views of today’s church from a young adult perspective. Free preview available online. Produced for the EFC in 2008 by MakeYouThink. [MORE] 

Ignite the Light: Evangelize to Revolutionize Culture
A 3-CD series of talks designed to equip leaders and all those interested in evangelism to creatively reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. From the Ignite the Light Conference 2006 held at Peoples Church in Toronto. Features Michael Green, Joe Boot, Charles Price and David A. Macfarlane. [MORE] 

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