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Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism
Why a Research Centre?

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has established the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism to enhance the effectiveness of ministry carried out by Evangelicals in Canada and shed light on the character and role of Evangelicalism in Canada. [MORE]


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Major New Study on Canadian Bible Engagement
How many Canadians read the Bible at least once a month? Can the low numbers be improved? Find out from the Canadian Bible Engagement Study, released May 1 and sponsored by the EFC and the Canadian Bible Forum, at theEFC.ca/BibleEngagementStudy.


What do congregations typically invest in compensation for their staff?
Are there rural and urban differences? Which kinds of congregations tend to more generously compensate their staff? Have things changed between 2003 and 2009? Read "Canadian Evangelical Congregational Staff Compensation, 2003-2009" in the July 2011 issue ofChurch & Faith Trends.


What is the Demographic Profile of Canadian Evangelical Congregations?
Sam Reimer, Crandall University, and Michael Wilkinson, Trinity Western University, provide us with this new portrait of Canadian evangelical congregations from the Canadian Evangelical Churches Study (CECS), which was funded by the EFC’s Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism. Read “A Demographic Look at Evangelical Congregations” in the August 2010 issue of Church & Faith Trends.


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