Refugees Resettlement Initiative

1. Check if your denomination is listed here.

Denomination / Organization Link Contact/Email Link  Phone
Brethren in Christ Canada Moses Moini   1-905-646-3161 x2677
Canadian Baptist Ministries Terry Smith   1-905-821-3533
Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec                                                     Carol Gouveia   1-416-620-2949
Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Rod Olson   1-403-930-7008
Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada
   - Map: C&MA Churches involved in Refugee Sponsorship
Joanne Beach or 
Cerena Richardson         
Christian Reformed Church / World Relief Rebecca Walker  1-800-730-3490
Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches Paul Carline  1-506-635-1922
Evangelical Mennonite Conference Tim Dyck 1-204-326-6401
Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada Lou Geense   1-519-894-9800 x242
Fellowship of Christian Assemblies Patrick Rimple   1-403-341-3408
Mennonite Central Committee Canada Brian Dyck   1-204-261-6381 x227
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada  Mission Canada 1-905-542-7400
Salvation Army Canada Paula Marshall 1-416-425-2111
Union d'Églises baptistes francophones du Canada David Rowley 1-514-526-6643
Vision Ministries Canada David Cottril 1-519-457-1400

2. If your denomination is not on this list you can contact:

Christie Welcome Centre, Toronto                        Linda Moorcroft  1-416-588-9277

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